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Identifying future gaming opportunities

Client: InComm Payments & Walmart


There are 170m+ people who identify as digital gamers in the US (stat: emarketer) and this total is predicted to continue to grow in the coming years.  Walmart has a large, established gaming category, and were looking for recommendations and ideas that would enable them to break into new verticals and categories such as mobile gaming.



We conducted a gaming landscape review to identify key trends, market size and growth was combined with an in store audit of Walmart, and it’s key competitors to provide a comprehensive view of the current landscape.


We sourced gaming experts in the UK and North America from studios, console providers, payments, and academia to review the current landscape and participate in remote ideation by providing new concepts for Walmart’s future growth in gaming.


Concepts generated (over 45) were shared with Walmart and InComm Payments stakeholders for review and prioritization.


5 new ideas focusing on a broad range of opportunities were identified to have high potential for Walmart. Walmart and InComm Payments moved to understanding the opportunity for launch, this is currently in progress.

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